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Efficacy Meets Elegance

General Law

Doeltreffendheid Ontmoet Elegantie

Criminal Law

Doeltreffendheid Ontmoet Elegantie

Corporate and Business Law

Wirksamkeit trifft Eleganz

Contract Law

Efficacité Rencontre Élégance

Law in Information Technology

Efficacia Ingressa Comitatur

Intellectual Property Law

تأتي الكفاءة بالأناقة

Family Law

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Who we are


Our Mission

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to providing legal counsel that exudes elegance, offers solace, and embodies unwavering strength, regardless of our clients' backgrounds. We maintain a steadfast dedication to refining our expertise, ensuring that we remain abreast of the ever-evolving legal landscape in Indonesia. Education is our cornerstone, as we passionately strive to enlighten individuals about their rights and the true essence of law and protection. Yet, our dedication transcends mere counsel; we take proactive steps, reaching out to our clients wherever they may be, ensuring that our support is not just sought after, but readily available when needed most.

Our Vision

Our vision is to pioneer a new paradigm in the legal landscape of Indonesia by establishing ourselves as a trailblazing law firm defined by grace, empathy, and strength. With a focus on elegance and inclusivity, we aim to challenge traditional perceptions of legal practice. Central to our vision is the desire to reshape societal perspectives, fostering an environment that celebrates diversity and expertise, regardless of gender, while infusing our practice with a unique blend of qualities that resonate with all. Our ambition extends beyond borders as we aspire to become a prominent legal entity, catering to clients not only within Indonesia but also globally.

The Partners
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What We Do

Legal Services

Maharama is ready to assist you in resolving all legal issues, both through litigation and non-litigation. With a wide and diverse scope of legal fields, Maharama provides services tailored to your needs.

Maharama provides legal services by assisting you in the advocacy process to fulfill your legal rights in civil law, criminal law, constitutional law, and other legal areas.

Maharama provides legal services by assisting you in both non-litigation and litigation processes to fulfill your legal rights in criminal cases such as fraud, embezzlement, corruption, and other criminal cases.

Maharama has a team of experts ready to assist in various aspects of corporate law, including general corporate law, labor law, investments, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, as well as competition law.

Maharama provides services for drafting various types of contracts such as Profit Sharing Agreements, Sales and Purchase Agreements, Lease Agreements, Investment Agreements, Royalty Agreements, Collaboration Agreements, Bailment Agreements, Event Execution Agreements, Vendor Agreements, Build Operate Transfer Agreement, and other contracts as per your needs.

In the field of family law, Maharama offers reliable services including: Drafting Prenuptial Agreements, Settlement of Divorce and Contested Divorce, Division of Matrimonial Property, Appointment of Guardians, Child Custody Applications, Child Adoption, Determination of Heirs, Estate Distribution, and Execution of Wills.

Maharama assist you in protecting and managing your intellectual assets carefully and efficiently, covering various aspects of intellectual property law including Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Copyrights, Geographical Indications, Trade Secrets, and DTLST (Domain, Trademark, Licensing, Software, Technology). 

Maharama provides specialized legal services in the field of Information Technology, assisting you in navigating the laws related to Personal Data Protection, Cybersecurity, E-Commerce, and DTLST. 


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Special Services

Legal Documents & Retainership

Maharama provides corporate document management services, assisting clients in the administrative processes related to corporate affairs. Maharama also offers retainership services, providing corporations with access to a dedicated team of lawyers for their legal needs.
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Our Insights

Legal Articles

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Office Addresses

Jabodetabek Head Office

Ruko Permata Bening Residence Kav.99 No.9A, Jl. Dr. Ratna, RT.001/RW.017, Jatikramat, Kec. Jatiasih, Kota Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17421

By Appointment Only

Yogyakarta Head Office

Agrapana X-Change
Jl. Tegal Arum Ringroad Barat, Gamping Kidul, Tamantirto
Kec. Gamping, Kabupaten Sleman
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55294

Monday  09:00 — 16:00

Wednesday  09:00 — 16:00

Friday  09:00 — 16:00

Saturday  09:00 — 16:00

Yogyakarta Branch Office

Agrapana 2 Meeting Room
Gg. Pandega Tamtama Jl. Ring Road Utara No. 6, Manggung, Caturtunggal
Kecamatan Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, 55283

Tuesday  09:00 — 16:00

Thursday  09:00 — 16:00

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[email protected]
+62 813 3282 8156

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